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Look, you're a highly-respected production company in the sense that Akiva's involved in highly-praised films [well, not the ones you produce-- the people at Query Letters would have a field day with queries for "Deep Blue Sea" and "Constantine"]. But why not have a sterling professional reputation to boot? We all know you can get away with it as long as Akiva Goldsman is at the helm, but why not take this opportunity to realize that courteous professionalism is not that hard, and it's way better than being Asstastic TM pending.

Now, it may just be me. Maybe everyone else in H'wood just loves them. But if there's one thing I learned from the Executive of the Week it's that I don't seem to be treated any better or worse by anyone in the industry. The people who were good to me were good to everyone [and were highly praised even in anonymous comments]. So I'm hoping it's vice-versa-valid. But lemme know. Defend your favorites employees there.

Or agree with me and leave your own trashing of them. Atlas, it's not just you. I'm betting you had to deal with world-class a-hole Adam Schon. Not fun. Someone I know is friends with Kerry Foster [their big cheese] and supposedly she's pretty cool. But let's put it this way-- Weed Road is my least fave WB shingle. It's not just you, they're, at best, barely professional. And what's up with Akiva Goldsman writing great movies and then producing really crappy ones? Contrary to the above comment, i hear Kerry Foster is a nightmare and orders her husband around as if he were another one of their dogs.

She gives women with power in the entertainment industry a bad name. Let's face it To find more information about Oest Tsetnoc please visit my Oes Tsetnoc pages.

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Great Idea!!! Especially with the beautiful weather! I think I may have to try it out as well: Thanks for the inspiration. I love the idea.


As soon as I read your post I started making a list of friends who I just know would be into it. My boyfriend and I just had our first picnic on Saturday. I brought a big sentimental blanket to lay on and I made chicken, bell peppers and onions, and brought blueberries and a riesling wine for dessert.

I LOVE picnics. Picnics are my favorite summer weekend activity. If you can get the date and location chosen, and your own little family taken care of, the rest really will take care of itself! Such a great idea! NY has so many great parks- even aside from the popular ones- we need to make use of them while our weather is awesome!

So fun! Can we come along and photograph your stylish picnics?? What a terrific idea! You need to go with friends who picnic. I say: I love that idea. I passed a super cute picnic basket in a shop last week and really thought that I have to picnic more often. Diana from Please, sir posted some vintage picnic baskets the other day, to. Definitely a sign. Yes, wonderful idea! Houston has many many lovely green spaces and we also have huge big back gardens, so either would work.

Dogs too, OK? Go for it. Picnics are great. I planned one where only one friend turned up and it was still great! Every friday, we meet on north campus at It has been such a great way to spend time together in the midst of busy schedules and begin the weekend off with a bit of relaxation. A picnic club is definitely the way to go. I fully intend on starting a new one in grad school. Every one brings the little ones, dogs, coolers, frisbees, wine, and friends. I am obsessed with picnics…they are a summer must.

The perfect Sunday afternoon treat. When our kids were little we picnicked every weekend in the park with friends. Now they are grown, we oldies still get together for Sunday sundowners — that is drinks in the park around 4PM. Sign me up! Well, if I lived closer I would totally come. Joanna, this idea is just great!

Hope you do it this summer! Wonderful idea! I wish I lived in New York so I could attend a picnic with a bubble machine ooh fancy! But it will be just as nice to start one of my own up here in Canada! This is such a sweet idea!! I even have a picnic kit with all the trimmings, we really must remedy this!!

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Please tell me this is really happening. I love picnics and try to have as many as I can when the weather is right. Plus — I would love to learn about new parks and picnic spots!! What a great idea! And so inspiring…makes me want to have a picnic club too: This is a great idea! It is funny that you mentioned this because I just gave a speech on the history of picnics! There was actually a picnic society in London in the s- maybe for your first meeting you could have an english theme!

People would go along whenever they can make it. If you do it, tell us about it. Love the new header. My family did that every summer when i was growing up.

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I just received the R29 invite in my inbox this morning too — totally a sign! I want to join! Fantastic idea! I just got a picnic basket on Wednesday for my birthday. Happy weekend!

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What a fantastic idea! My boyfriend and I are planning a very small picnic this weekend. This is a fab idea. I love picnics and would totally join your picnic club! I actually just decided to do this with friends yesterday! What a brilliant plan! Eating watermelon while lounging on a quilt is my favorite thing to during summer. Everyone should have at least 4 picnics a week during the summer! Awesome idea. We live in a perfect spot for picnicking too.

I have been craving a good old fashioned picnic for ages now. At a state park in Napa! I had this exact same idea and was going to start it in a couple of weeks. I wish we lived closer. Joanna, what a great idea. Also, I know this is stalkery but I just have to say it- i was walking along the west side highway on saturday perfecto spot for a picnic! However it bears being said- holy crap you are even more gorgeous in person! I LOVE picnics!

My boyfriend and I are trying to save money and it is the perfect way to have a special evening without dining out. I got a new picnic basket complete with wine glasses, an opener and silver ware and am so excited to use it!

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What a fun idea! I was on a ragtag softball team for a little while until I broke my finger playing … It was really nice to have something like that to look forward to. You and Alex should move upstate or have a country home up here so you can be my in my circle of friends. You are so right…we all need more picnics! I try to have several this time of year and it falls short. I need to change this! Happy Friday! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You may also like… Design Have a Delicious Weekend.

September 15, Design Four Fun Things. October 31, Design Gift Guide For Wives. December 11, Comments April 16, 4: November 14, 7: August 5, 1: August 3, 9: Thank you for the information that provided. February 28, 2:

download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia
download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia
download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia
download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia
download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia
download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia Download tema cherrybelle untuk hp nokia

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