Ios change button image when pressed

It will also show you how to add click event handle method to the button to change the label text accordingly when user click the button. Now the UI view components has been added successfully, we will add a button onClick event process method and an instance variable that refer to the label. First click the Show the Assistant editor icon in top right to display both UI designer and the ViewController class source code together.

iOS Add Click Event To UIButton Swift Example

Like in above video, just click the button and Control key at the same time, and drag the button to the ViewController class source code at right side. Then there will popup a dialog like below. Input onClick or any method name in the Name text box. Select Touch Up Inside in event drop down list. You can access these objects using the title Label or image View properties and modify their values directly.

The methods of this class also provide a convenient shortcut for configuring the appearance of your string or image. Normally, you configure a button using either a title or an image and size the button accordingly. Buttons can also have a background image, which is positioned behind the content you specify. It is possible to specify both an image and a title for buttons, which results in the appearance shown in Figure 2.

You can access the current content of a button using the indicated properties. When setting the content of a button, you must specify the title, image, and appearance attributes for each state separately. If you do not customize the content for a particular state, the button uses the values associated with the Default state and adds any appropriate customizations. For example, in the highlighted state, an image-based button draws a highlight on top of the default image if no custom image is provided.

You can specify a custom button tint using the tint Color property.

Change background image of button when button is clicked in swift 4.0 - swift tutorials

This property sets the color of the button image and text. Use insets to add or remove space around the content in your custom or system buttons. There should be no reason for you to adjust the edge insets for info, contact, or disclosure buttons. Table 1 lists the core attributes that you configure for buttons in Interface Builder. The button type. This attribute determines the default settings for many other button attributes. The value of this attribute cannot be changed at runtime, but you can access it using the button Type property.


The state selector. For a plain string, you can customize the font, text color, and shadow color. For an attributed string, you can specify alignment, text direction, indentation, hyphenation, and many other options. The background image is displayed behind its title and foreground image. Shadows affect title strings only.

Enable the Reverses on Highlight option to change the highlighting of the shadow when the button state changes to or from the highlighted state. Configure the highlighting behavior using the reverses Title Shadow When Highlighted property.

How do you create a button that changes images when selected?

When the Shows Touch On Highlight shows Touch When Highlighted option is enabled, the button adds a white glow to the part of a button that the user touches. When the Highlighted Adjusts Image adjusts Image When Highlighted option is enabled, button images get darker when it is in the highlighted state. When the Disabled Adjusts Image adjusts Image When Disabled option is enabled, the image is dimmed when the button is disabled. Table 3 lists the edge inset attributes for buttons.

The edge insets to configure.

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The inset values. Positive values shrink the corresponding edge, moving it closer to the center of the button.

ios when pressed - How to change the background color of a UIButton while it's highlighted?

Negative values expand the edge, moving it away from the center of the button. When you add a localization, Xcode creates a strings file for that localization. For more information about internationalizing your interface, see Internationalization and Localization Guide. Buttons are accessible by default. The default accessibility traits for a button are Button and User Interaction Enabled. The accessibility label, traits, and hint are spoken back to the user when VoiceOver is enabled on a device. VoiceOver speaks this information when a user taps the button once. For example, when a user taps the Options button in Camera, VoiceOver speaks the following:.

Shows additional camera options. For more information about making iOS controls accessible, see the accessibility information in UIControl. For general information about making your interface accessible, see Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS. A view that displays the value of the current Title property for a button.

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The third line there will make it so that when the button is clicked, the function "onClickMyButton" is called. So then you write this function, which will change the image to 'NewImage':. Below two methods you can use — setBackgroundImage: Jose Rafael Santiago Jr.

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  8. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Ask Question. When i tapping that custom button , i want to change image from custom button. How can i change it? Fire Fist Fire Fist 4, 12 54 Always welcome: May 28 '12 at 2: Then initialize the button like so, and set its image to the image you want it to display originally: So then you write this function, which will change the image to 'NewImage':

    ios change button image when pressed Ios change button image when pressed
    ios change button image when pressed Ios change button image when pressed
    ios change button image when pressed Ios change button image when pressed
    ios change button image when pressed Ios change button image when pressed
    ios change button image when pressed Ios change button image when pressed

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