Wifi scanning app for iphone

Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here are some of the best WiFi analyzer apps you can find for iOS.

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  • WiFi Analyzer for iOS?;

Starting off the list is a very simple and free WiFi analyzer tool, Dr. WiFi which also brings a few extra functionalities with it. The speed tester gives you the ping, upload and download speeds for your WiFi and if you upgrade to the premium version, there is also a signal tester and security tester for your router and WiFi network.

Another bonus is the ad blocker which prevents all kinds of ads and tracking while you are browsing through your device. WiFi on the App Store. Fing is a completely free and one of the top network tools on the App Store, used by amateurs and professionals alike.

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  • 8 Best iPhone WiFi Network Analyzer Apps.
  • Check the best WiFi analyzer apps for iOS.

There is also a ping utility together with traceroute for network quality measurement. Find is also available for Android users with the same interface. Fing on the App Store. Fing is one of those apps which exceeds all your expectations of a what a free app can offer and I highly recommend it to home users as well as professionals before investing your money on any other network analyzer app.

Network Analyzer is another popular network app which happens to come in two versions, a free Lite version and a paid Pro version. Of course, it comes with all the standard network diagnostic tools like speed test, ping, traceroute, DNS lookup and a port scanner.


I specifically like the traceroute here which visualizes the route of the packet on a map. Another feature that many professionals will appreciate, is the exporting capabilities for most tools in a text as well as CSV. At first glance, Scany might appear as a hacking tool or very complex app due to its black and green color scheme, but in reality, it feels one of the most complete and polished WiFi analyzer app you can get on iOS. The instant lookup feature allows for instant detection and IP lookup and is a few of the whole host of services that the app provides.

It also has extensive export options which allow all your history and information to be shared in text, CSV and. Scany on the App Store.

#iWepPRO iPhone/iPad WiFi scanner without Jailbreak

Mar 11, 22, 0 Last edited: Oct 30, Nov 20, 14, 2 If nothing else when you show it to other people it makes you LOOK like you really know what you are talking about. Mar 10, 4, 0 There won't be anything in the app store that does that since the info is not available via the API. Might be something if you jailbreak, but idk. WelshBloke Lifer Oct 30, Jan 12, 24, WelshBloke said: Fing is pretty amazing as well if not as impressive visually. It gives you a ridiculous amount of information about a network and all the connected clients.

8 Best iPhone WiFi Tools and Network Analyzer Apps

Eug said: Fing I have already. Jan 18, 16, 68 Private frameworks are libraries that cannot be used by third-party developers, as clearly stated in Apple's Developer Agreement. Unfortunately, some system resources can only be accessed using these frameworks, and the wifi card in the iPhone is one of them.

To make things worse, starting in iOS 5, apps cannot access the wifi card even when using the private framework, so users who had the app installed and upgrade to iOS 5 will not longer be able to run the app. Well, the app will run but it will do nothing. There are many reasons why these frameworks are kept private. One of them is to ensure that apps do not negatively affect the user experience, for example, by draining the battery. Other reason is to give Apple the freedom to change different aspects of the library until it reaches maturity so that it can be used by developers in a safe manner.

With no access to these private frameworks for wifi scanning and with the restrictions of the sandbox environment in newer versions of iOS, the only option is to install and run the app in a "jailbreak" device. WiFi Analyzer is available in the Cydia Store , but keep in mind that it only supports the 2. Also, it has not been tested in iOS 6 or higher. The app seems to work fine in iOS 5 and 6 with jailbreak.

8 Best WiFi Analyzer iOS Apps For iPhone and iPad

This new version supports 2. Keep in mind that a jailbreak is still required and the app can only be found on Cydia. See official description here. Mathan Junior Member Jul 7, Jul 7, 1 0 0. Oh man. I came across your post via Google because searching for the same thing. Wifi Analyzer is so good. I just switched to iOS and I wrongly assumed there would be something similar, but I haven't found it yet. I work in TV and am in a different arena every week. Part of what i do relies on very reliable wifi because I set up a small mesh network, and the first thing I do in an arena is open that app and check for channel interference.

For the time being, I guess I will just bring my old android phone to the arena and use the app.

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