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From my understanding, most store phone numbers should route you to a store associate to help field your questions or get you in touch with someone who can assist you. With that said, what questions do you have? In I think most markets Best Buy has gone to a hub and spoke style of phone routing.

Bascially, when you call your local store you will be routed to a nearby store a store within their district who has staff that answer the phones. This is so basic questions like stock availability, pricing, and such questions can be answered as most Best Buys are not staffed with someone to answer the phone anymore. From there the customer can be directly transferred to the store of their choice. Alexandra is correct on how our older phone systems worked, but I believe the "hub" store model is in effect over the company. That was my biggest problem. No one would ever transfer me to the store I was trying to reach.

That will connect you directly to the Loss Prevention or as they call them, "AP" employee on clock at the moment. The AP person is the one in yellow that stands at the front and checks receipts and cameras to make sure nobody is making it out with any product. When they answer just politely ask them to page whoever it is overhead, do not allow them to connect you via phone extension, be persistent. As being transferred directly to another line doesn't mean they will always pick up. Insist a page that way it can't be ignored.

Use this information wisely and politely. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Add Product Search: Search Results: Other Customer Service Support.

Called the local store today to talk to the Samsung rep there. Got a call center. Got numerous questions before she said she would transfer me. Called back, asked for a supervisor, and my call was disconnected. Called a third time, got a supervisor, who ended up being on the Geek Squad at another store. He proceeds to tell me that the store can't send me to the Samsung rep, and that the Samsung rep can't answer my question, which was somewhat generic. They literally cannot look at your application at all, regardless if you call them, or if you retake the test. At this point, calling them and talking to them will do no good.

They can't hire you even if they wanted to. Calling won't do you any good. You're lucky they told you that you failed the test. My hubby is an Ops. If they fail, he still has to proceed with the interview, but cannot tell them they failed the test and won't be hired. My 17yr old son had 2 interviews and was hired at BB. Took drug test that failed, because of prescription med. They updated their system. This was 2 weeks ago. BB says they don't have updated info and can't start him, even though he showed up twice for orientation as scheduled, and was sent home both times.

I've called labcorp and choice point and they say their drug test info is updated. HR person at local BB store says she can't get the computer updated, so he can't start work. I think he's being discriminated against.

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I'm just about to find a lawyer!!! I have a question about the drug test. I was called about my first interview and getting ready to go tomorrow. In fact, everyones personal experience and their post about them has helped me a lot, and prepared me more than I had expected. I am curious as to where they make you take the drug test. This will be the first that I will have to take one. Could anyone give me some insight as to what the process is? In Virginia Beach, my son went to Lab Corp, located in a doctor's building.

Update on my post I finally filed a discrimination report with Best Buy, and oddly enough, 1 week later, they called my son into work, and the next day, the main office called about the report I filed. They could have done more than drag this out for a month, but now he's working at Lowes and Best Buy. Well after about a month of wondering, I did not get hired at Best Buy. I really thought I would get the job after speaking with the hiring manager and such. Im only 16 so that might be another con to them hiring me.

I didn't even get the first call. Im also thinking it might be the online personality test.

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I wasn't sure when to be honest and when not too I guess Sorry you didn't get the job, but To have them look at you, you have to answer the questions the way you know THEY want the answers. For retail, you have to be outgoing, love to listen to peoples problems Kevin in Memphis, Tennessee. My question is since this will be my first job do I need an application and do they ask for references. I don't want to start doing the application proccess and figure out I don't have some of the stuff they want. One thing I told my sons to do, was to always carry a small paper in their wallets, that had their school dates, reference names, addresses and phone numbers, in case they walked in somewhere, and wanted to fill out an application.

This way, they wouldn't have to try to remember dates. I just got a call from Best Buy earlier today for an interview tomarrow at 3. However I have questions about the drug test, I was wondering how long after the interview they drug test you and the kind of things you have to deal with during the interview.

I have never really worked at an electronic store before so I guess im wondering what kinds of things I should expect. Delanie in California. Anonymous5 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was reading about the parent who's child was being discriminated for being on a prescription medication and think the same might be happening to me If anyone knows what to do please let me know! I was initially given a referal by a store employee and told to fill out the online application.

I filled out the application right away and had an interview a few days later with that store's GM and Sales Manager. Then I got another call to come in for another interview with a Regional Manager, all 5 people I had met with were great people and said I was a great fit for the company and they would be in contact A few weeks went by and I kept in contact with the Regional Manager and finally he told me to meet a Dept.

Manager at the store. The manager gave me the basics of how the company works and their policies and had me take a drug test. I am not an illicit drug user, but I am on a prescription medication that will show up positive. I called and they said they had no way to access my test results but they should be in soon.

Regional Manager? Future Employee in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am interested in asking you a few more questions about Best Buy Corporate. My experience is a great fit with Best Buy, however past job applications did not receive a response. I would like to hear more about your experience, see where I can get information about my experience vs BB pay grades, and ask about how the corporate culture compares to Target HQ. Vic in San Leandro, California. Best Buy called me the day after I did their online application last week but I missed the call.

Should I call back or just wait for them to call back? Scott F in Tucson, Arizona. I had my first interview yesterday with Best Buy and they said I did great and scheduled me to meet with the store GM next. I take it this is a good sign? So much for my job at Best Buy. After I saw the GM hired the two people before me, I was told all of a sudden "that all the positions were full". The other two folks ahead of me spoke Spanish. I do not. The new store is in a Hispanic area. Oh well.

How to get a job at Best Buy.

Vic in San Leandro, California said: If you wait too long, that position will be filled up by someone else, that is including someone internally from inside the store. I got a call on a tuesday in the evening.. I even called them back, but it seems everyone I talk to tell me a complete different thing. Best Buy Associates are so full of themselves..

Travis Heideman in Wamego, Kansas. Wes Watts in Columbus, Ohio said: I am trying to find an application for the Best Buy online. I couldn't find. This evening , I was at the Best Buy for shopping.

A guy mentioned me there is job position, he suggested me to use on-line for an application. But I couldn't find it. Please advice me how to do. I am interested to work part time job. No offense but if you cant use the internet and find the online app At the bottom then idk if you should work their.

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Well i'm sixteen and i landed the job in PCHO so keep trying they wont discriminate against age, also if you have no work exp. SRBrenton in Mobile, Alabama said: No, it should mean that tomarrow will be your first interview. Usually the first is with just a manager, I think mostly they said its the loss provention manager, the second interview will be with either the supervisor or manager of the specific area they want to put you in.

The third would be with the general manager. If you make it past the second and to the third that usually means your in. This message goes for willpshack. Best buy has got probably the best dicount out of any company. Some items they barely mark up at all, and it would be cheaper to buy it at regular price then employee price. The manager over the comptuer sells knows a lot about computers.

All I know really is that the manager over the Geeks heree doens't know much at all. I recently got hired in GS part-time and I have alot of question that I haven't gotten answered yet that I'm hoping you are able to answer. Is that budget isnt met, will you get terminated? I just went in for my second interview, I was a bit nervous thought it'd be more technical questions since I was being interviewed by the manager of geek squad and another manager, but it was pretty basic first few questions were about computers like how would you explain a piece of hardware to someone who doesn't understand computers and simple stuff.

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At the end, they said that they'd contact me if I was hired. They did have other people to be interviewed I actually went in 15 minutes early and was about 10 after the time I was scheduled to be there. My question is if they are serious about hiring you will they offer to schedule the third interview on the spot or will they wait and call you back? Just trying to see what my chances are. Rudy Olivo in Clayton, North Carolina. Rudy Olivo in Clayton, North Carolina said: The first interview is the one where they call you after you fill out the online application they just ask you basic questions and set up your 2nd interview which is the first in store interview.

I'll let you know how it goes and what kind of questions you'd probably be asked. After that it was pretty much just customer service questions. Rudy Olivo in Crazy, North Carolina. Rudy Olivo in Crazy, North Carolina said: Just got back it went pretty good. Mostly standard stuff you'd expect from a retail store, I'm in school atm so one of the questions were if he was to bring in my co-workers and my teachers what would they said bad about me and then what would they say that was good.

Just make sure to look them in the eye, shake their hand when you first meet them and not to go UMMm umm alot. It's really more of a sales position I would say if you have built a computer you pretty much can get the job. There were some ethics questions like what should happen if an employee was caught stealing something of course the answer is no and then he asked what if it was something small and I just said it doesn't matter if its a penny or dollars stealing is still stealing.

best buy application call back Best buy application call back
best buy application call back Best buy application call back
best buy application call back Best buy application call back
best buy application call back Best buy application call back
best buy application call back Best buy application call back

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