Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17

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Then move from the middle to the tallest 1, 0, 7. Move from the shortest tower to the middle 0, 1, 5. Move from tallest to shortest 3, 1, 4.

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Finally move shortest to middle 0, 4, 2. Level 39 — Click in the following order: L evel 40 — Flip your phone then copy down the order of colours shown.. Level 41 — Pick up the wheel, select it and place above the door on the black panel. Then slide it, its difficult to tell but under it are the numbers: Enter in to keypad. Bigger plates cant go on smaller plates. Its a pretty simple game, a bit of trial and error involved. Level 44 — Look above the door, the 4 shapes signify the number. For e. Level 45 — Hold the light till the room gets dark, click the door when you see it.

Level 46 — Hit the bell in the pattern of the door, just tilt your phone. Level 47 — You can only input the code when you have all 3 balls. If its too difficult, ask a 10 year old to do it. Level 48 — If it was a compass, press in this order: Level 49 — The symbols above the door represent HH: The symbols on the door are the code you need to work out.

Walkthrough level 17 for DOOORS: Room Escape Game

Ive noticed the code changes every so I cant give you a code. But Ive attached an image below. Probably more fun to do it yourself but just match the symbols on the door with the numbers below and bobs your uncle! Level 50 — The objective is to find the three numbers that add up to make the number inside. Just click the buttons in the order shown. Level 52 — The cross hatches is actually a patch, tilt your phone to see the paper. The clock is ticking backwards denoting that the code is backwards too.

Ive not come up with instructions yet but its fairly easy to rearrange. Aim to get the Reds done first, then the blues, the greens will obv fall in to place. Then follow on. Then go up, left, down, right, up, left and follow on. Then go down, left, up, down, right. Follow on. Level 55 — The code changes each time. Use the 24 hour-clock method so if the clock is on at Level 56 — Press the first one twice.

The V and X are indeed roman numerals. The code is 6 75 14 65 rotate in the right order and try to be bang on.. Level 58 — Basically when the red dot hits or gets near to each light, shake the phone, the first light should light up green.. Level 59 — As the code device is numbers so are the colours.

The top colour bar represents the order in which the should be inputted. The code is Level 61 — The code varies, The tick means, the number is correct, the cross means its wrong, the plus means its the next number up. Start by pressing test. If all are crosses, start by getting a tick on the first digit then the others.

Doors Puzzle Box – Walkthrough – Level 17 – HelpMeWithGames

Level 62 — The puzzle changes, You have to rearrange them in the right order. Light it and look for the code on the wall near the top. Level 64 — This ones difficult to explain. Theres 5 levels. If you make a mistake, press the refresh button top left not the cross! Level 1: Drag both to the top and then to the right. Level 2: Drag to the top, then to the right, to the end and down to the bottom to fit the tile, then you can move to the right to complete the last tile.

Level 17 Shabby door [dcf field=”Post Type”]

Level 3: Finally drag both down. Level 4: Drag the left tile to its point but drag it one lower down. The circular tile should now be on the right side at the opening between the solid blocks so drag it left to its respective symbol, then drag both upwards. You begin the level inside a locked cell. There is a grate in the middle of the floor. Use the space key on the grate and it will open. Jump down the grate and you'll drop into a pool of water. Swim up to the surface and onto the wooden floor. There are enemies here so take them out and secure this area. Once you have done that, you should scurry the crates for items.

There are a Grenade Launcher, a medkit, a portable medkit, shurikens, and Sticky Bombs there to collect. After collecting these items, you'll notice a group of explosive canisters along the west wall. Go across straight across from them to the east wall as far back as you can and lob a Sticky Bomb slightly up into the air above them to explode them while you are at a safe distance from their impact. The wall behind the canisters opens up and a bronze key and a Guardian Head are in the opening that has been exposed. Lob a sticky bomb at the tanks from a safe distance.

Now drop down back into the water and swim south. At your first opportunity, swim to the surface and turn to the east and wade over to the end where you'll see a ladder.

Climb the ladder and prepare to fight enemies on the stone walkway you have climbed. After clearing this zone, you'll find a RAM heat seeker card and shotgun shells near the ladder. Now walk east and you'll see the bronze key door ahead of you to the east. Use the key and enter the double doors cautiously. Battle all enemies inside of the door and then walk to south and grab the medkit on the lower crate, then jump up upon the highest crate and grab the missiles and gas bomb. You'll notice as you walk over to these crates a yellow card door to the right.

You'll be needing to use that door after finding the card for it a little bit further on in this level. Next head north a bit and then west down the hallway. As you approach the end of the hall, prepare to face enemies on either side of the hall. After clearing them out, turn to the south into a restroom area. You'll find a couple medkits in the corner shower area and in the toilet, you'll find a fortune cookie to boost your health as well. Now go north into the other room and walk onto the table.

Turn to your left facing west and make a running jump on top of the lockers and grab the Uzi, clip, and armor. After grabbing the armor in the corner of the lockers, turn back around and face east and proceed cautiously up the ramp. When you reach the top, go into the door to your left and start following the path from there. As you approach the second set of steps winding around this path, prepare again to face more enemies in the long hallway ahead of you.

Stay on top of the steps here and do not go down the hallway ahead of you just yet. Instead, turn to your right where you'll see two switches and a red card slot between them on this wall. As you go back down the step on the other side, again prepare to face more enemies. Now that both hallways are cleared from enemies, continue down this hallway on the south side.

The doors along the right side of the hallway cannot be opened, but if you shoot through the grate at the end of the hallway, you'll be able to access them in this hidden duct way. First jump up into the duct and go to your left. Follow the duct around and you'll come to another grate that leads into the hallway on the north side. Continue past this grating a short way and pick up the gas bomb if you need it. Now travel back the same way you came through the duct until you reach the grating where you first entered. Continue past this grating and you'll turn to the right and come into another grating.

This grating can be shot out and leads into one of the three cells on the south side. Before you jump into this cell, shoot any enemies inside the room while you are still in the duct. Now you can enter this cell and grab the Riot Gun in front of the sink. Now jump on the wall to the right of the sink and shoot the next grate out. Jump over inside the broken grate, but not into the next room and take out any enemies inside before entering.

Then jump into this room, grab the Railgun rods and repeat the same process for the following cell. Once the last cell is cleared from enemies, drop into the cell and grab the red key card in the corner on the bed. There is also a case of Sticky Bombs in front of the sink and a medkit near the grating on the floor you may need. Now jump back through all the grate openings until you reach the duct again. The red key card is in one of the prison cells. When you reach the grate where you first entered the duct, drop back down the hall and head toward the red card slot and use the card.

The switches on the walls will now work.

doors iphone game walkthrough level 17 Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17
doors iphone game walkthrough level 17 Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17
doors iphone game walkthrough level 17 Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17
doors iphone game walkthrough level 17 Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17
doors iphone game walkthrough level 17 Doors iphone game walkthrough level 17

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