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With the app, the user can navigate through the app and can access accounts, deposits, loan status, find the nearest ATM, check account statements and request cheque books, among other features. The app has built-in notifications and a holiday calendar. The vendor support is excellent and project timelines are followed by them without any deviation. Mallow Technologies was hired to develop an Internet of Things mobile app to control home appliances remotely.

The project aims to help users control their household appliances remotely, avoiding inconveniences like waiting for the AC to cool the home or forgetting to turn off the lights thanks to a WiFi connection. With a simple mobile app acting as a virtual remote, the user can connect with household appliances and control them easily, resulting in better accessibility. The Mallow Technologies team also developed a promotional web app with Ruby on Rails to sell the products.

Mallow Technologies also integrated a few free additions to the app like Getswift, Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Plivo, Shopify or Getsite, among others, to fulfill additional requirements. The client even requested them to design the packaging of the products. Mallow Technologies kept collaborating as a technical support partner, taking care of maintenance and further improvements such as adding push, SMS and email notifications or hardware status monitoring, among others.

The mobile app is available in 24 different languages including Arabic. A great company a great team with leadership skills many many good things I think I will invest more with them and they have the right capacity and capability and background into interpreting my ideas to reality. Mallow Technologies was hired to redesign and add local search and a community forum functionalities to the website.

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The Simpatico Pup project was started to promote responsible dog breeding and help dog lovers find puppies bred respectfully. Currently the mobile app has an unsatisfactory UI and UX design and needs to be improved, and the location search and the community forum would be unvaluable additions to the project. Mallow has added the local search feature to help users to find particular breeds or breeders in an area or anywhere the entire country. The community forum is now live and users can share their thoughts and discuss about any dog breed or breeder.

For this project, the client request Mallow Technologies to develop a business reviews web platform with reporting capabilities. The project was created because the client wanted to help businesses get real feedback from customers and analyse that feedback with charts and statistical analysis to see what to improve. Mallow Technologies developed a responsive web app to allow users to leave reviews and feedback about a business or a venue they visited. Another web app was developed to help businesses manage and evaluate the results. They've been a great team to work with and really helped with the more complex side of the project.

I'd definitely recommend them to anyone. What RedTaxi wanted was to improve customer service by providing another way to book cabs. The final app was successfully developed by Mallow Technologies. The interface features a form for the user to fill with the pickup address, destination, and all necessary data to provide the service.

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Mallow Technologies also integrated a reporting functionality to helps the client generate reports. The app has some interesting features for the user such as: The mobile app was also provided with a variety of payment options such as Paytm and cash. Mallow Technology team is very dynamic and pragmatic in finding the solution.

We are a taxi operating company, developed an customer side application for avail them to make a booking through their smartphone. As we already have our own technology for telephone booking and vehicle tracking system. Mallow technology needs to develop an application which sholudnt disturb the existing and new application have to communicate with the older.

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Finally we made up an application which is live and receiving the bookings from customer. Mallow Technologies was hired to develop management web and mobile apps to help the administrators and members of the Young Entrepreneur School YES manage and access records and information. It is a meeting place for young entrepreneurs to expand and hone their knowledge and skills in business and a hub to learn about new business trends.

The goal of the project was to improve the accessibility of the forum by creating a digital platform for it. The finished project by Mallow Technologies was designed to separate administrative members from general members. As an administrator, the user can schedule events, send push notifications, check attendance, review feedback, update and modify the members directory, including membership subscription fees or manage the knowledge portal, among others.

As regular users, members can update documentation, send invitations or organise meetings and events. Regular users can also check attendance marking and feedback, access the directory and knowledge portal of the organisation and manage their member profile and fees. The App is user friendly, it's really a good work for Administration. Mallow Technologies was requested to develop an automation system to automate the business processes and management of Mallow International The project was born from the necessity to save time and avoid spending the amount of resources a manual administration of these administrative processes need.

Mallow Technologies developed a management system to centralize all this process. It is used to effectively manage the administrative needs of all departments. Mallow Technologies created a user management system with permissions and roles to limit the amount of information each user accessed, and allowing managers to have a global view of the company or their department.

The team also added a reporting functionality, which can be used to generate reports on sales, invoices, proforma or turnover. It was great working with Mallow Tech. They were very considerate about my needs and delivered appreciable work. They pay attention to details and are always open to suggestions. Mallow Technology was hired to develop a software to automate business processes for an export company. Apex Alliance has an important export business with a streamlined process.

Until now, all the process was manually handled and required more time and efforts. The goal of this project was to automate the process as much as possible and save valuable time. Mallow Technologies created an web app using PHP Laravel framework to automate the process from ordering to delivery. Documents and orders management are now centralised, helping lighten the workload. Mallow has been hired to develop a web platform for Knowde. The Knowde platform aims to connect objects around them with the digital content on a web platform.

Businesses and brands will be able to create product pages to engage with their customers. The web platform developed by Mallow works as follows: The devices are embedded with a customized URL, to display the product page to the users. Each user's interactions with the platform can be tracked and the reporting tool allows to create cluster maps to display any amount of data. They are a great team of software professionals and i had very good experience working with them.

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ControlleX is a small device that can send signals to all types of remotes in your home, including remotes for air conditioning, fans, lights, fountains, radio, TV, or garage doors, in order to help you control all of these through your phone. It stands out from other products because it works with all remote controls, not just smart appliances. The connection between the ControlleX app on your phone and your ControlleX device back home is made through the cloud. Taking advantage of the portability and convenience of cloud computing, the ControlleX cloud serves as a conduit for the signals your phone sends to your ControlleX device, processing them quickly and effectively.

As soon as you press a command button, the ControlleX app passes it on to the cloud over the Internet through your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, which then sends it back to your home. If you use multiple ControlleX devices in different rooms, the same command can trigger the same response in all rooms.

Phokl is designed from the ground up to provide you with the best app experience for lovers of imagery and photography - whether you like holding a camera, editing your images, or viewing the results. Whether you love taking images on your full frame DSLR, enjoy the creative options of your compact Four Thirds, prefer shoot- ing with your iPhone or appreciate the images of those more talented but no less discerning than you, Phokl will take your love of photography to the next level.

Payments of India - All About BHIM UPI, IMPS, NEFT and RTGS

YES Connect aims to deliver the updates on upcoming and archived business networking sessions, snippets, conferences, and lets you connect with fellow members, speakers during and after the events. TimeLedger is an online time and expense tracking application for businesses and organizations of 1 to 5, people. You can enter time, expenses, activities and work descriptions against projects assigned to you. Time and expense entry is designed to be fast and easy. Most recent projects are shown first - with a full concordance search of all projects assigned to you.

Quickly enter descriptions by viewing most recent descriptions for the same project. Select tasks or activities from lists unique to each particular project or timekeeper. Time is uploaded to a central server for real-time business reporting and automatic alerting. Take and upload pictures of receipts or other expense-related items and attach to expense reports. Changes made by administrators or managers are instantly available on your iPhone or iPad. Catalysis at your fingertips. The Catalytic Reaction Guide provides you with catalyst recommendations on over reactions in the area of homogeneous, heterogeneous and asymmetric catalysis.

The CRG is an essential tool for any chemist, researcher or purchaser working with catalysis. Details on each reaction are provided, including recommended catalysts, reaction temperature, solvents and relevant literature references. In addition to catalyst recommendations, the app features a convenient Chemical Abstracts Service CAS searchable product listing and relevant literature references as well as global contact information and office locations.

Once a catalyst has been selected, product details are shown with the option to request technical information, request a quote or share on social media or by email. Save favourite products for easy access anywhere. Bubbleology is a well known UK based coffee shop which marks its presence in U. A, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, U. E as well. We have created the iOS and Android app for them. With the app a user will be able to order a refreshing drink for himself.

A user can sign up or login using Facebook or Twitter.

KVB DLite - Mobile Banking

The app allows different payment methods to the users enabling them to choose what is more comfortable for them. Braintree payment gateway has been integrated in the app to facilitate payment. User can also order a drink through the app, go to the store in person, show the pick up code and pay there. Loyalty program: Earn one loyalty point for every tea purchased and after successful collection of 9 loyalty points get the tenth tea for free. Store Locator: The app uses GPS to hint the user about the nearest store and also locates the store on the map making it easier for the user t.

A meal service management platform and analytics tool built to help healthcare staff better serve patients or care home residents. With guided access, our simple and intuitive interface enables your staff to walk residents through all their options. All resident allergy and preferences are already embedded into the application, so your staff can process orders with confidence and make order adjustments in real-time. Processed orders are immediately sent directly to our kitchen application. As orders are handled, your staff are able to confirm their status on all levels: Ordered, Ready, and Complete.

Our system was built to reduce errors. The most important function of our software is ensuring your staff know exactly what your residents can and cannot eat. But in difference the UI and the user experience has been modified according to our targeted clients with some features cutdown and some extra features added on. BeLinked is a smart new way for career-minded singles to date. Tap into a reliable, high-quality dating pool. Like or pass on profiles anonymously.

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  5. Connect on things that are important to you. Previously known as LinkedUp! The base of the app was done by us, now being handled by the client themselves. Are you Moving Home? So many details!! So much to keep track of!! But don't panic; help is here! Whether your new home is two doors away, or you're moving to the UK from another continent, this app will keep that huge list of tasks and things you must do NOW organized, all in one efficient, conveniently accessed, and essential app.

    Heart Name Art: Focus Filter & Wallpaper Maker

    Specific features include the following, and more: It also puts out an audible alarm to give instructions to anyone near you — so that they might help keep you safe during a seizure. The information collected is anonymous and will never be provided to anyone else. The data will be used to better distinguish when you may be having a seizure, and when you may just be tapping your foot to a good song.

    From first bloomers to seasoned gardeners, now everyone can have a garden expert in their pockets with this app. Our worldwide team of experts provides the name and a touch of advice about any plant, pest or disease photos you submit. You can also have a quick chat with them about your puzzling plant or intrusive pest. Our green-fingered friends don't stop there. They can also take a peek into your digital garden and tell you what you need to be doing each month, as well as give you ideas about what tools you need to be doing it.

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    No need to know what category or zone your in This app is helping you Grow Smarter Gardens and putting fun back in your yard and garden. This BizCover app is a network of those delegates. Features of BizCover includes: Share messages with specific people Discover different topics Share interesting questions and write blog posts and comments Search the location of the delegates and view them on a map Share the Itinerary for each day in the entire trip".

    Food and beverage entrepreneurs are constantly struggling to survive in a volatile industry. Being unique is no longer a competi- tive advantage; new operational efficiencies need to be developed and new opportunities for revenue growth needs to be intro- duced. The Menyou team set out to deliver a solution that would bring new efficiency and value to restaurant owners and consumers everywhere.

    Menyou app is mainly designed for the customers to place their order without confusion and without the assistance of a waitress. Menyou Customer app gives you intuitive ways to place your order. You can search for various menu and add the item to your list and can confirm your order. The confirmed order automatically updates itself on the POS app and the waiter can checkout and con- firm the payment. The Customer app also has the feature to play games and get news feed.

    Photo Sydney is designed from the ground-up for Sydney photographers looking for composition, location and post-production ideas to improve their Sydney photography. ConvertX is a ad-free units and currency converter covering units in 56 categories. Technical Points: It has periodic table, logarithmic value calculator, Trigonometric value calculator and some additional features such as search option, email the page from app itself, favorites marking etc.

    Frankfurt Metro can provide a cost effective, quick solution to move around. With the detailed metro map with the station locator you can skip carrying a paper map. The entire app works offline except the euro converter exchange rate update. Euro converter also works offline while the data connection is unavailable with the last updated currency rates.

    Considering the iPhone device hardware capability, the algorithm was able to deliver a good performance. Paris By Metro is a travel app that helps you find routes, browse through maps, locate stations in maps in the complicated Paris Metro. Additionally, it has informations about the tourist places, transfers for most visited places, airport transfers, in-built Euro currency converter, information about tickets and much more details that a metro traveller would require in Paris Metro. More importantly all these features work offline, except for the Euro currency converter which syncs with server for present currency values.

    Product Portfolio brings powerful paper tools right to your iPad, making paper specification more convenient and more creative. Product Portfolio gives you intuitive ways to find papers beyond any website. You can search, filter and email facility for order. If you have any question, please contact us: We haven't collected library information for this app yet.

    You can use the AppBrain Ad Detector app to detect libraries in apps installed on your device. Name Art - Focus n Filter. Smoke Effect Art Name: Focus Filter Maker. Fight Photo Editor: Battle Effect Montage App. Eye Color Camera: Colour Changer. PIP Shapes - Geometry camera magic collage blur. Want more apps? Find the Android apps that are trending right now. You have reached your daily pageview limit Register now to get 5 free AppBrain Intelligence pageviews per day. You'll have access to: Unlimited pageviews both app and developer details Recent install count per app last 30 days Detailed ranking data per app Recent install count per developer last 30 days Full timeline per developer Device market shares data per country 1 Month.

    Each subscription will automatically renew 3 days before the expiration date for the same time period. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the renewal.

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    kvb mobile banking java app Kvb mobile banking java app
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    Kvb mobile banking java app

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