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If you still don't like it after that then drop it. Failing at life this hard should be a ToS violation. Just skip everything and watch the last episode. You get the best, and you drop the rest. A dark swift menacing steed makes light of the tyranny of distance. The last episode was by far the worst episode in the series. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? A couple episodes in and I don't really like it. There are some good jokes, but a lot of them aren't terribly funny and the execution is kinda off.

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Like whenever the son and mother go deredere for that one mermaid yakuza dude, they play that joke almost three times in the same episode. It was funny at first but then beating a dead horse later. I'm not feeling it. At least 4 episodes in anyway. Does it get sugoi awesome later? Skandrae Skandrae 7 years ago 2 No. Tyranius2 Tyranius2 7 years ago 4 You should already know that anime comedy consists of beating dead horses with no originality whatsoever.

Mac Arrowny Mac Arrowny 7 years ago 5 It has a couple really good episodes, but for the most part I just hated it throughout. Then00bAvenger Then00bAvenger 7 years ago 7 I actually thought it got worse. Skandrae Skandrae 7 years ago 10 blackcat no13 posted Did funimation actually do an investigation into Vic allegations. Start a Wiki. See also: Contents [ show ]. The idol groups of Hello! Their girls strike JoJo poses on their blog and sometimes mix JoJo references into their dance choreography.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. During an interview she has also mentioned having felt like a Stand user and has named one of her dogs JoJo. In her music video for " PONPONPON ", she can be seen doing several different poses referencing different anime throughout the video with the last featuring aforementioned pose. Add an image. Shoko Nakagawa.

Otaku idol Shoko Nakagawa W a. Shokotan is a dedicated fan of the manga series and is known to do JoJo poses during interviews and live performances on stage, including breaking her tailbone when doing a Narancia pose on stage during a concert. Yuka Kashino. Yuka Kashino a. Kashiyuka from Japanese electropop group Perfume W often talks about her love for JoJo in the media and has struck JoJo pose with other members during photo ops.

Ai Mai Mi. Air Gear. Aoharu X Kikanjuu. Assassination Classroom. In one of them we can see that one student painted Korosensei being shot at by another student in the same manner as Tohth predicting Jotaro would be shot at by two bullets. Baka and Test. Several scenes pay homage to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As a comedy, it has several brief and subtle references. For the same scene, in chapter 9 of the manga, we only find a quote from Josuke's Speech about "wearing new underwear on New Year's Day".

In chapter 8 episode 4 , Kazuki Muto FW draws a picture of missing school student Koushaku Chono FW to show to other classmates, this picture is humorously drawn in the artsyle of Hirohiko Araki, much to everyone's surprise. In chapter 49 episode 16 , he also mimics Polnareff 's "Bravo, oh bravo! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis. Episode 16 of Cardfight!! Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In Chapter of Demon Slayer: Denki-gai no Honya-san. In the first episode Director FW is asking to Umio FW what happen between he and Hiotan FW , Umio says "nothing", and then, Director come closer to Umio and "licks" his ear, saying that he has the "taste of a liar"; making a reference to the Giorno and Bruno 's "taste of a liar" scene from Vento Aureo.

In Episode 7, Director makes a JoJo reference. In episode 5 FW of Etotama FW , smoke covers the room due to the main character being sick with a unique virus. The smoke clears up and reveals the characters doing poses, a couple of which are from JoJo. Excel Saga. Ropponmatsu2 FW is an android who appears in various episodes. Fairy Tail.

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Jieitai Kano Chi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. The Japanese Minister of Defense, an avid of fan of anime, asks if she had "put on the stone mask and feeds on blood ". This was omitted from the anime adaptation. Ghost in the Shell: One of the arcs has the protagonists entering a haunted inn that services spiritual beings called "stands" which are actually just ghosts , so that they may attain the happiness necessary for them to reach the afterlife. The "stands" may possess the "stand user" to grant him special abilities, which parody the conventional Stand naming derived from musical themes.

The anime equivalent of the arc has Sakata Gintoki FW defining a "stand" while Star Platinum appears as an example, donning Gintoki's trademark attire, and includes a reference to Araki Hirohiko as a "backwards-aging fairy". GJ Club. In the episode 2 of GJ Club W , [[wikia: Gugure Kokkuri-san.

Hacka Doll the Animation. In episode 5, Hacka Doll v. As a gag-series, it features one of the highest amounts of references to JoJo. Episode 1: One simple reason.

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It's because It's because you pissed me off! You don't have to be so scared that you'll be stabbed with a fork. Relax, Nyarlko. D'Arby - Ch. Direct is fast, right? Hayate the Combat Butler. In episode 9, when Connie Christensen calls the others to attention in the school tennis court from the second floor, main character Ayano Hanesaki, standing below Connie, signs to her that she "can see her panties" using the same unconventional signs "pan-tsu-maru-mie" Polnareff makes during the High Priestess attack. In an omake of the manga, one character states that "volume 6" can be read as "ro-kan" while another says that it sounds like " Kishibe Rohan ".

A picture of Rohan in the Hellsing-omake style is present as well. Hozuki no Reitetsu. Hungry Marie.

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Anna tells him to settle down because he's starting to look like a JoJo's character. Johnny cosplay in the background In chapter 43, a person cosplaying Johnny can be seen in the background. Hyperdimension Neptunia. Lastation no Security wa Sekai Ichi! She does it by paraphrasing Stroheim 's famous quote accompanied with on-screen SFX. Episode 2 of Second Thread features the iconic "To Be Continued" arrow before the ending theme plays.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. Coincidentally, Touka has the same voice actor as Robert E. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou. Kazuhito Harumi FW , a high school boy who is obsessed with reading books is killed in the middle of a robbery and resurrected as a dachshund dog. While in his new form, Kazuhito is adopted by a man who owns a pet shop called Iggy with a symbol of Iggy 's face.

Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Episode 4 shows the character Y doing a JoJo pose, the sound effect can also be seen. This section requires expansion. Kill la Kill. Ryuko's "secret technique": Running away! She even runs in the same manner as Joseph Joestar when he runs away from Straizo and Kars. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? In episode 3 of this anime Ayumu Aikawa FW performs a dance to the hip-hop-like music. The lyrics of this song are a clear reference to Jonathan 's most famous attack. Heat enough to burn! My blood's beat is razor-sharp! Engrave my beat! Also, I'm the heat! Invincible and innocent, this is the friendship!

The last words are a reference to Bruford 's conversion from a zombie via the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive barrage. Ayumu ends the dance with Dio 's pose. The show has several JoJo references. One in particular appears when Hiyori Tamura FW trips and falls to the ground in a dramatic manner. Macademi Wasshoi! In episode 4, in order to fight Baltia's black giant, Eitaro Sakuma exclaims that he will fight her, meanwhile he makes a pose similar to Risotto Nero ; and orders to his assistant Eineus to "launch the thing a giant robot sized Eineus!

Maji de Otaku na English! In episode 7, all the main characters are gathered in a park "ready to defeat" the main antagonist. There, the main antagonist, Valko, is admitting her defeat but suddenly random side characters pop up. Valko reacts to this like it was ripped straight out of some kind of battleshounen series, with her hand striking a JoJo-esque pose, her hair resembling weirdly Polnareff from Stardust Crusaders and background effects showing and trembling.

Maria Holic. Mayoi Neko Overrun! There is another scene that is in the manga only, where the Stray Cat's Club is at the beach, and they appear to be making a sand sculpture of Iggy 's stand, The Fool. Towards the end of episode 2, Yukiya Minabe FW finishes his pair of glasses and begins executing both Joseph and Jotaro 's poses. In the episode 6, all the Meganebu's members perform famous poses on a train, like a challenge or game. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.

In Chapter 5 episode 3 FW of the anime adaptation , Centorea Shianus FW explains that as a centaur, her species is known for being valiant knights who honor loyalty above all. She mentions that her various ancestors also served under similar values with visions of them appearing in the background. This manga has a small cameo of a Stone Mask in a panel from it's Chapter My Bride is a Mermaid.

Being a comedy show, Seto no Hanayome features some JoJo references in a parody fashion. Hayama Hayato mimicking Giorno's pose. Hikigaya's reference to Stand user.

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During a fight in the school tournament, Negi Springfield FW 's enemy summons a sort of huge puppet. One of the tournament blog comments says "It's a Stand! No Game No Life. In Special Episode 2, Sora imitates the scene where Pucci calms himself by counting prime numbers. In episode 3, Kamatori Kei wears a ridiculous swimsuit causing some characters to react much like Dio's friends when witnessing Dio kiss Erina.

In the same episode, a scene change occurs referencing a scene from Steel Ball Run. In Episode 5, when Kaoru Rose Hanazono finds Ringo, he cites Noriaki Kakyoin 's "Saa, oshioki Rose says oyatsu no jikanda yo, baby" quote, in English that will be "Now, it's time for punishment Rose says snacks instead , baby". Also, Kousaku says Jonathan's famous "Furueru zo haato! Moetsukiru hodo hiito! There's a kiss scene similar to the Dio and Erina kiss between Kousaku and Kaoru where Kaoru says the same quote about Erina Kousaku 's first kiss; and Kousaku says the same phrase when Dio was being beaten by Jonathan , imitating Dio's crying scene.

Kei makes various JoJo poses when he tries to stop Kousaku and Kaoru and when he explains Kaoru's true personality. Kaoru says Melone 's Bellissimo and Di Molto! Oku-sama ga seito kaichou. In the second episode, Izumi asks Wakana why she was sleeping in his bed and she explained she went to the bathroom the previous night and got lost. The signs on the bathroom are displayed performing Jotaro and Josuke's poses. Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

In one episode Anastasia mentions her bear losing an arm and appropriately named Mr. In another episode, the cast is seen recreating iconic JoJo poses with sfx covering the screen. One of the main characters, Masuzu Natsukawa, often brings up JoJo throughout the show. Natsukawa's "boyfiend" also happens to be a fan of JoJo, and whenever Masuzu's temperament gets too unpredictable, he even has the habit of using JoJo related topics to change the subject and brighten the mood.

In episode 7, Koyomi Araragi FW asks Suruga Kanbaru FW to resemble a samurai armor, in which she responds by suggesting he put it together while she gives instructions. Araragi gives a senpai 's respect speech and does Rohan 's pose. Interestingly, Araragi and Rohan have the same voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya W at least in the videogames, not in the anime. Psycho Pass. Puni Puni Poemi. Nabeshin recognices him as a Stand user. The series has a number of blatant references to JoJo. One chapter appears to have been inspired by the Tower of Gray arc as the main cast travels to Hong Kong, but is intercepted along the way by an assassin and then survive the plane crash.

Run With The Wind. Akane who is very into manga instantly recognizes the reference although Jojo is not directly referenced Add an image. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan. Nendo argues that it's either Luckyman or Arale whereas Kaido states that it has to be Giorno because Gold Experience Requiem can nullify any ability. Heihachi Edajima, the headmaster of Otokojuku, is shown reading the manga. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. In Episode 4 of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei , the characters find some "ultimate weapon" buried beneath them, which turns out to be an Ultraman stone mask.

Throughout the series one of the characters, Usui, is constantly trying to get attention due to being unnoticeable. Sei So Tsui Dan Sha.

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Seitokai no Ichizon. Sugisaki Ken, the main character, claims that all boys have a Stand called Illusion which enables them to fantasize about girls even when blindfolded. After that he makes one of Joseph's poses. Minatsu says that Stands should not be counted as weapons in the colosseum while striking a JoJo pose with Killer Queen in the background. In one of the episodes a character named Samejima is portrayed in Araki style doing Joseph's pose accompanied by the SFX. Another character, Februar, is shown in Araki style as well.

Shikabane hime Corpse Princess. In the ending credits, some of the characters recreate some fairly blatant JoJo poses, including Jonathan, Joseph, and Johnny's. Shokugeki no Soma. Shomin Sample. Aika Tenkuubashi, a high class girl in a private school discovers manga for the first time and comes to the assumption that all kids in normal schools have super powers. In the anime, she imagines showing off her avatar to everyone in a obvious JoJo-esque fashion.

During the same scene in the manga, she "stops time" whilst doing a pose and shouting Platina Star. Show By Rock!!

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In Episode 4, Cyan is seen to be doing a famous JoJo pose. Sket Dance. In the episode 71 a student introducing himself as Kuroda Rodin appeared doing the famous Gyorno's pose.

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  • Space Dandy. In the first episode of the second season, Dandy, QT and Meow hop through different alternate universes until they reach the third Dandy, who mentions he is looking for eight people with star-shaped birthmarks. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. In the second season Hercule becomes a model for art lessons. Teacher orders her to make an inspiring JoJo pose which he calls 'exploding'.

    Tekyuu 5. In the episode 11, Marimo's mom wants to show Tomalin how to make mochi in a traditional way, so she begins to hit the dough with her fists. Her face changes to Araki's style and she shouts a battle cry akin to Crazy Diamond's.

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    Her fantasies are shown as JoJo-stylized manga pages. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Toaru Majutsu no Index. In the first volume of the first chapter of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel, the narration references JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when it compared the atmosphere in Kamijou Touma FW 's room after he destroyed Index's clothing as when a Stand user has used its attack on someone. To Love Ru Darkness. In the The logo on the bag reads: Part of Oingo's name can be seen on the spine and a picture of Iggy is shown on the back cover.

    Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san. Sophie lifting a road roller In attempt to scare off Akari so she can be left to her quiet life, Sophie a vampire lifts a road roller above her head to show off her strength, in reference to the final fight with Dio Brando and Jotaro Kujo. This is also a reference to Jonathan Joestar 's line "I can even lift this rock" and possibly Yoshikage Kira wanting a quiet life. Triage X.

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