Gta san andreas android save game

How to put 100% save game in GTA san andreas in android

Download Misterix Mod v6. You can find these monsters in seventeen different locations in San Andr Do you want to change your skin to any ped skin? The maker of this mod is "HAF". This mod will let you chan Those who do not have PC should install this mod pack because it contains many new things including cars, New textures for trees, bushes and all other vegetation with vivid colors. The maker of this mod is "Rohil Mogal". This mod will r Download V2 2. This is Gasoline mod.

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Home Contact. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. Like this: Like Loading Published by Gaming Guruji Blogger. Published July 6, August 15, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Name required. AP Fire Truck Impossible on everything other than PC Version.

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I swear Out of the millions playing SA on PS2, only one person has it. Douglas has it. But I just don't see how anybody can manage it considering like you told me in PM, you just TAP the accelerate button and the camera abruptly changes. You watch jam8tone do it on Youtube, yet, his camera angle isn't even moving. He does this on PSP, as well. In jam8tone video, when he cross the skate park and heading towards bomb shop.

He go with fast speed yet his camera angle don't change from right to straight. On mobile you tap gas button and the camera angle changes abruptly from any angle to straight. You tap gas, and immediately the rotating camera gets goofed up. Cuz like you said about the Mobile and using a PS3 Controller, it's still basically impossible. Have you talked with Douglas? How he obtained it? I have seen his map you posted in OrionSR topic but I still have trouble with the camera angle.

He rarely replies to my PM's But yeah, I talk to him on occasion. But having it in regular form or AP form is the same thing, since this item can't be used. You can only look at it in your Garage. Well it seems like it is impossible to get AP Firetruck on Mobile. I will have to let that go then.

Location of the secret Alcatraz Island - GTA San Andreas (mod)

But I will get the AP Feltzer in the same mission later on. You gotta be unhuman to get it, basically. Nobody else can pull it off. It's way better than this one.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas · Mobile 1.05 and Below (iOS, Android, Windows Store)

This one is just a continuation of my PS2 Save. I restarted my SA Mobile Save. What should I do? You're right. V is getting more boring.

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Now Im playing SA on my ipad more often. Could also be a memory issue. If you store your Mesa for example , and then continues the mission, make sure to not enter too many vehicles during or after the mission, or the Mesa might disappear. So to make things even clearer; put your Mesa in a garage, use only ONE vehicle to get back to the docks. Help Ryder and escape the soldiers and pass the mission.

Use only ONE vehicle to get back to where you stored your Mesa. Open up the garage door to check the Mesa.. If you look closely, you'll see your Mesa's engine running. Thats bad. So open and close the garage door. Now it's all fine. Mesa is only special if it has the roof. It sometimes spawns without a roof. This isn't special. You must reload until you get it to spawn. And, I know why it disappeared.

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You're supposed to go back to the Garage after the Mission. After you store the Mesa and Forklift and pass the Mission, you go back to the Garage and open it, close it, open it, and close it again. NOW, you can save the game. If you fail or pass a Mission, then store the Special Vehicle, once you close the Garage, it's acknowledged. You can easily tell cuz like 7 day survivor said, the engine is still running, the door is left open, there is still some dents on the Vehicle, etc, etc, etc Jumpey, I suggest making a list before starting, and put all the Special Vehicles in order. That's what I do.

I wouldn't do that now as I know SA like the back of my palm, however, if you are new to collecting and don't know what there even is to collect, make a list That's cuz on Mobile, you can't run away from the Vehicle leaving the door open. CJ always is locked on the ground and closes the door on Mobile before he can move away from the Vehicle, meanwhile on every other platform, you can get out of the car and quickly hold the analog stick and the run button to run away, leaving the door open.

Never saw it happen on Mobile, not even once, thus Cars vanish much easier Ah, I see. I only ever heard that is was EC2 and that's with Roof. Without Roof I heard it's not special.

GTA San Andreas Savegames - Mods and Downloads -

Everyone obtains it with Roof who has it and obtained it on Youtube for their own Collections It happened to me in my playthrough on PS2, and it happened to my friend's playthrough playing the PS3 Digital Version, and it happened to Jumpey on Mobile It's because you are storing them while the Mission is on. Garage doesn't acknowledge them, thus they are not even in the Garage, basically Like I said, it's only special with the roof and it's an EC2.

It's not even EC. Special Color? Simple as that. I don't care if it's secondary or not Btw Militia, I didnt know that the roof was unique. But the Mesa I lost had the roof.

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So that means it was a pity it vanished Maybe the reason why I lost it was because after parking the Mesa in my garage i opened the garage door again to have a look at the Mesa and jacked a Voodoo to get back to Ryder But yeah thanks Militia and 7 day sirvivor for the tips to avoid the disappearing car glitch.

gta san andreas android save game Gta san andreas android save game
gta san andreas android save game Gta san andreas android save game
gta san andreas android save game Gta san andreas android save game
gta san andreas android save game Gta san andreas android save game
gta san andreas android save game Gta san andreas android save game

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