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Bernardo Varela CGI: Project Title: James Laughton Creative Directors: Carlos Alija, Laura Sampedro Creatives: Somesuch Production Company Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam Director: Kim Gehrig DoP: Daniel Landin Offline Editor: Francois Roisin Lead Flame: Stephen Grasso Flame: Adam Paterson Nuke: Linda Cieniawska CGI: Chris Aliano. Jo Wallace Creatives: Rosanna Lawson Production Company: Partizan Producer: Jason Oakley Director: Chris Cairns DoP: Tom English Editor: Thiago Dantas Flame: Dave Birkhill, Adam Paterson Nuke: The name Arctic Monkeys has always confused me.

In the Arctic? That seems a little inhospitable for those cute little poo throwing creatures. So I did some research.

Tickboxes? No

But Macaques are those cool red faced critters that chill out in the hotsprings. They are pretty cool. Phill Ball Director: Caswell Coggins Producer: Lauren Holden DoP: Richard Mott Editor: Matt Shires CG: Tom Dean Production Company: Friend London Executive Producer: Luke Jacobs Producer: Tom Ford Director: Theo Garland Editor: Chris Roebuck tenthree Sound Designer: Leo Weston Nuke: Linda Cieniawska Colour Grade: Sean Ewins. Debbie Ninnis Director: Autumn Durald Editor: I bloody love bananas!!!!!

Answers on a banana please. Time Based Arts Executive Producer: Tom Johnson Producer: Wil Parnall Director: Francis Lane Editor: Time Based Arts Lead Flame: Ben Stonehouse Flame: Mike Aveling, Al Ford Nuke: Ralph Briscoe Colour Grade: Myles Bevan. Sam Rendle-Short Creative Director: Carlos Alija Creatives: Independent Production Company Producer: Simon Eakhurst Director: Jake Dypka DoP: Patrick Meller Offline Editor: Luke Todd Flame: Tom Hall Colour Grade: Kelly Ross Director: Jamie Crofts, Al Ford Nuke: In the BBC released its seminal promo for music featuring the great and the good of the music world.

And Bono. Now 20 years on BBC3 use it to show the diversity of their presenters and viewers. A win-win situation! Richard Adkins Creative Directors: Hollie Walker, Kit Dayaram Creatives: Nell Jordan Director: David Shane DoP: Tim Maurice-Jones Offline Editor: Anna Neilson Creatives: Private Island Production Company Producer: Helen Power Director: Chris Boyle Offline Editor: Sheldon Gardner Flame: Luke Tierney Director: Mathilda Finn DoP: Ben Fordesman Editor: Matt Shires Flame: Robbie Samuels is a good friend of TBA, so when we approached us with his new short film we knew we would love it and we were right.

Well done on the success of your film mate, we are very proud to have been a part of it! Sophie Muller Production Company: Somesuch Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney Producer: Tat Radcliffe Production Designer: Alison Dominitz Wardrobe Stylist: Sophie Muller VFX: Great sound design by Sam Ashwell mph. We love the smell of bacon in the morning. Production Company: The Forge Executive Producers: Euros Lyn Prod: Toby Bentley DOP: Matt Gray Created by: Jack Thorne Written: Jamie Pearson Vfx: Declan Boyle Online: Gorilla Starring: Chris Aliano Nuke: Linda Cieniawska Colourist: Simone Grattarola Colour assist: Myles Bevan and Max Ferguson-Hook.

Sebastian Strasser understands obsession. So comes this Audi spot that shows the obsession of a man wanting a new car. All he can see around him are Audi cars. In the end he breaks and orders one. He is very happy. Withstand Film in association with Hamlet Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza Producer: Ilaria Celeghin Director: Ian Pons Jewell Editor: Gaia Borretti Soul Editor: Sam Osborne CGI: Tom Robinson Colour Grade: Here at TBA we love it when one of our kids does some of their own art.

A real love letter to these shores that celebrates love and diversity and shows just what a positive society we are when we choose to be. Ralph and Jay have got a staff pick on Vimeo and a write up on David Reviews among other places. Would you Adam and Eve it?! Creative Agency: Hollie Walker Creative: James Laughton Ass't Prod Agency: Jasper Ford Film Production: Ian Pons Jewell Producer: Richard Fenton Production M'ger: Erinn Fitzgerald Executive Producer: Luke Jacobs Cinematography: Mauro Chiarello Editor: WWF and Anthony Dickenson continue their torrid affair as he makes his third film for the charity.

But once there the romance died as they saw the extent of the Ivory trade in a local marketplace. Anthony knew he had to do something to get his charity back into that loving feeling so he called up Time Based Arts and asked us nicely to make some CG elephants. We always love helping a brother out, so said yes straightaway. Everyone got on board to push this heart rendering spot through to life. Except Jack who watched a Gus Van Sant film for a grade reference. He is a proper noddy. Iconoclast Production Company Producer: Tom Knight Agency: Matthew Ellingham Director: Thomas Grove Trim Sound Design: Jamie Crofts, Ben Stonehouse Nuke: Which are coincidently the words in the chorus.

Feels like part of a larger project, with such a grand scale and story. Beautifully shot and masterfully directed, we are very proud of our work on this one! Vodafone - Unstoppable Production Company: Swenja Babucke Director: Aleksander Bach DoP: Cezar Zacharewicz Offline Editor: Matt Jackson Flame: Francois Roisin CGI: Lisa Ayla Colour Grade: ASOS Creative: Kieran Gallear Film Production: Somesuch Director: Raine Allen-Miller Producer: Lundi Shackleton Executive Producer: Sarah Pearson Cinematography: James Blann 1st AD: Tristan Hefele Production Design: Ollie Tiong Hair Design: Jack McGinity Flame: Michael Aveling Post Producer: Harry Styles - Kiwi Production Company: Academy Films Production Company Producer: Stephen Overs Director: Us DOP: Simone Grattarola Flame: Luke Todd Producer: Our beloved overlords Mike and Jim instantly stepped up to the plate.

Jim grew a vegan moustache and Mike only wore black for 6 weeks. They got matching miniature schnauzers and face tattoos. Only then were they ready to… direct. However the process soon went to their heads, day by day their tyranny grew with their egos. He then 3D printed the boat out and then he paid Klaus Kinski to carry the boat through the Peruvian rainforest.

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In fact it was the second unit who shot most of the footage what would end up in these Honda spots. This is what happens to passion projects when there is nobody to say no. Much like The Passion of Christ, a passion project with more passion than the world's largest passion fruit processing plant on valentines day. Luckily there was a deadline, and as we lurched towards it, famished and broken VFX artist awoke to find themselves still at their desks, with Jim and Mike staring patiently at the back of their heads.

Once delivered half the TBA team were hospitalised with exhaustion, mental health issues and in one case gout. The four films stand as a testament to the creative process showing our journey from script to fully rendered visual effects.

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The best thing is that the films when combined become an even stronger piece. Like when the Power Rangers all assemble to make the big one. And in case you are wondering Mike and Jim have returned to their old selves thankfully.

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The Schnauzers have gone feral and now roam the corridors of Time Based Arts as a pack always hunting for a lost runner to gorge themselves on. Morrissey - Spent the Day in Bed Director: Amber Millington DoP: Al Ford, Adam Paterson Producer: The Boys are Back in Town. No not a reference to Simone's questionable taste in music, but the Shelby clan descend onto our TV's again this November. UEFA Project: Nexus Studios Production Company Producer: Isobel Conroy Director: Kibwe Tavares DOP: Jamie D Ramsay Agency: FCB Inferno Editors: Mike Aveling Producer: As they beavered away in the suite everyone got peckish working on bagels all day long so they ordered some for lunch.

Dylan ordered a classic with salt beef, mustard and cornichons. A noble lunch for a noble man. Will went with smoked salmon on a bed of cream cheese seasoned with dill and cracked pepper. Elegance personified. Shirley went for egg mayonnaise with oregano, sprinkled with paprika. Fantastic taste. The man is a monster. I do feel for his poor children. This beautiful Nike film celebrates the career of the great Mo Farah and it shows the sacrifices and dedication needed to reach the top of your game.

Much like Simone has done with colour. Like today - Simone will only answer to the name Burnt Ochre. He spends every waking hour thinking colour - bar toilet times obviously, that would be weird. He has a tough regime of eye exercises which he is constantly doing, his eye muscles are Geoff Cape-esque, in Victorian England he'd be lining up alongside John Merrick in a freakshow.

And all this to bring you the best colour possible. He needs to be knighted pronto. Suzy Patten Director: Jamie Crofts Producer: Lez Creative Director: Holly Blakey Exec Producer: Mary Calderwood Producer: Tom Knight Art Director: Bon Walsh DOP: Adam Scarth Music: Gwilym Gold Actress: Camille Rowe Editor: Publicis Production co: Markenfilm Switzerland Exec Producer: Michael Gloor DoP: Todd Banhazl Editor: Julia Knight Work Composer: Simone Grattarola. Dish washers are called dish washers but washing machines are not called clothes washers.

Surely that would make more sense? Why do noses run but feet smell?? Why is mincemeat vegetarian but sweetbreads are meaty? Who is spiking my coffee? Why is the coffee mug now telling me to shut up and do some actual work? Timothy Saccenti Producer: Tina Pawlik Executive Producer: Ben Schneider Production Company: RadicalMedia Ltd. Photography Agent: Tim Sidell Editor: Directors Will and Dylan's sophomore films for Ben Moore bring to life a Dodo and some 80's exercise classes we'd rather forget.

Thankfully Mad Lizzie and Mr Motivator weren't cast. We created a CGI Dodo and a grand master computer arm as well as colouring in these lovely spots. Pablo Creative Director: Tim Snape Production Company: Stink Production Company Producer: Malachy McAnenny Director: Simone Grattarola Supervisor: Luke Todd Smoke: Mike Aveling Nuke: Ralph Briscoe CGI: Sometimes I find myself just walking down the street just minding my own business, maybe listening to some Bjork and then I realize that everything is frozen in time!

Anorak Films Director: Felix Knabel DOP: Simone Grattarola On Set Supervisor: Sam Osborne Flame: Sam Napper Additional Post Production: Cast Richard Taylor: Babou Ceesay Gloria Taylor: Wunmi Mosaku Tunde Taylor: Juwon Adedokun Damilola Taylor: Sammy Kamara Gbemi Taylor: Juma Sharkah. Levi David Addai Director: Euros Lyn Producer: Susan Horth Executive Producer: Colin Barr Production Company: Minnow Films DoP: Tom Johnson Colour assistant: Broken Antenna DoP: Alex Reid Producers: Reuben Jay.

Time Based Arts Colourist: Jack McGinity Production: Jo Chounta. Thirtytwo have saddled up and crafted a wonderful spot for Pearl and Dean, a loving homage to the great Western's of Ford and Hawks. Sheldon started chewing tobacco and talking with a drawl as he and the team created the stars of the spot - the unassuming tumbleweed. Simone really went to town with the grade and created two fantastic retro looks - the documentary style black and white 16mm and then glorious technicolor for the feature segments. If only we could get him to take off his leather chaps now that the job has finished.

Fiona Wright Director: Simone Grattarola Flame Lead: Cramer-Krasselt Chicago Creative Director: Timm Gable Film Production: My Accomplice Director: Jon E Price Producer: Chanse Fyffe Production M'ger: Zoe Katz Executive Producer: Jamie Clark Cinematography: Daniel Guadalupe Editor: Elise Butt Post Production: Unit TV.

Sam Napper.

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Project title: Tony Davidson, Iain Tait Creative directors: Scott Dungate, Sophie Bodoh Creatives: Michelle Brough Production company: Knucklehead Director: Siri Bunford DoP: Jim Jolliffe Editor: Mike Aveling Flame: Al Ford, Luke Todd Nuke: Lauren Havard Executive Producer: Creative agency: Liam Newton Campaign: Tim Snape Copywriter: Mark Harrison, Tim Snape Designer: Marc Rowedder Media Agency: Squire Director: Michelle Coomber Producer: Kate Sharpe Editor: Dennis Wheatley Original Music: Mike Aveling Colourist: We see his wonder as a child always looking up and seeing the joys of space and sky, filled with magical animals.

As he ages his eye line lowers with the weight and responsibility of adulthood. That is until he steps into his Mercedes Cabriolet and takes down the roof. He is forced to look up Silly sausage. Rebecca Scheinberg and Poppy Hollis Director: Dan Tobin Smith Offline Editor: Rachel Barber Audio: Sanjay Prabhakar. Stephen Grasso, Luke Todd Nuke: Hannah Turnbull-Walter Director: Dawn Shadforth Producer: Amy James DoP: Ben Fordesman Editing company: Trim Editing Editor: Dominic Leung Post production company: Jack McGinity Colour Producer: George Daniell.

Nurofen IT Guy Agency: James Laughton Production Company: With the megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss optics, you can capture great images as well as p high-definition video and then add music, images, text, and transitions before sharing them with the world. The Xenon flash allows you to take high quality pictures in low-light conditions as well. Entertainment and Paramount directly on the homescreen. It also offers a true home theater experience with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. And you can plug the device to your home theatre system with an HDMI cable.

You'll stay on track thanks to the integrated GPS with free Ovi Maps Navigation for voice-guided directions, and you can find nearby restaurants, landmarks, events and other points of interest as you travel from place to place. Keep on top of your emails from your phone or computer using the free Ovi Mail service, and discover and download apps and games via the pre-loaded Ovi Store--where you'll find thousands of different applications to constantly upgrade and improve your device.

Update your status, share location and photos, and view live feeds from Facebook and Twitter in a single app directly on the home screen. Calendar events from social networks can also be transferred to the device calendar. Personalize your phone by adding your own widgets and configuring three live home screens, which you can swipe between with an easy gesture.

Other features include Bluetooth 3. This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider. It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider.

Issey Miyake AW17

This phone comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. When paired with a compatible 3G network, you'll enjoy a high-speed connection offering a variety of feature-rich wireless services--from data connectivity to your office to multimedia streaming, and take advantage of simultaneous voice and data services. In areas not served by a 3G network, you'll continue to receive data service via EDGE network depending on network compatibility. Note that the downloading of maps, games, music and videos and uploading of images and videos involves transferring large amounts of data.

Your service provider may charge for the data transmission, and the availability of particular services and features may vary by carrier. Use the Walk pedestrian navigation to find your way, or the voice-guided Drive navigation to find the best route. Learn more Shoot and edit photos and high-def video with the megapixel camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics see larger image..

On-screen alphanumeric keypad and full keyboard Three fully customizable home screens allows you to make one for work, use one for fun, and have one with your favorite picture as the wallpaper. Instant access to Ovi Store for downloadable apps, games and other cool content Web TV delivers local and global TV favorites right to the home screen. Vital Statistics The Nokia N8 weighs 4. Its mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 5. Drivers receive turn-by-turn voice guidance including lane assistance, traffic information in 10 countries including the U.

And unlike other mobile navigation mapping solutions, Ovi Maps works offline--no cellular service is required. Driving directions. Lonely Planet guide. With the new Ovi Maps for mobile you get for free:. The new version of Ovi Maps comes with all the maps and high-end, car grade navigation features you need for free and is yours to keep for the life of the smartphone.

No additional licenses needed for extra countries, regions or services like traffic information or city guides.


Nokia N8 review

Data charges from network operators may apply. Turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation comes free for both drivers and pedestrians. For drivers this includes lane assistance, traffic information, safety camera, and speed warnings. For pedestrians, this includes shortcuts through parks and pedestrian-only zones for over cities around the world as well as 6, 3D landmarks in over cities to help you find exactly where you are.

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Ovi Maps is built on an advanced technology called hybrid vector maps. Vector maps are high quality but less data intensive and allow you to continue to navigate even if you lose your network connection. This means that maps downloaded or updated across a network connection are about half the size of bulky bitmaps used by other mobile map providers. The hybrid technology ensures that, unlike other providers, any downloaded map data is stored on the device for future use.

Avoid expensive, battery-draining network connections with Nokia's unique hybrid technology. Maps can be pre-loaded on to your Nokia smartphone so you can set Ovi Maps to offline mode, saving battery power, and the navigation system will still work. This is particularly useful for those worried about data connection costs when travelling abroad or when you are travelling through areas with little or no network coverage. You take your mobile with you wherever you go in the world so, as standard, voice guided navigation for both pedestrians and drivers is available for 74 countries in 46 different languages and there are maps for over countries.

Nokia N8 review

This gives you the best maps with the largest global coverage for free. Skip to main content Search. Your Amazon. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Loading recommendations for this item Added to Cart. Not Added. Item is in your Cart. View Cart Proceed to checkout.

Sorry, we're having trouble showing recommendations right now. Please try again later. See All Buying Options. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color: This item at this price, sold by Amazon. Prime free trial and invitee customers: We will automatically apply an Amazon. If you cancel your paid Prime membership or return the qualifying smartphone within the first 3 months of your paid Prime membership, we may void your Gift Card or charge you in the amount of the Gift Card.

Terms and Conditions apply. Bizarrely, you can't move widgets or apps: You have to delete them, and then add them again, which involves a lot of scrolling through lists. So if you want to switch the locations of two widgets, you have to delete both of them, then add them both again in the right order. Basically, you'll be tempted to really test out the N8's sturdy body and screen by hurling it against a brick wall in frustration.

As of now, you'll have to pre-order it unsubsidized. The Nokia N8's hardware is actually quite nice, despite its unimpressive processor, and the camera is fantastic. As a phone, one that people will use to browse the Internet, play games, communicate, and find information on the go, it's impossible to recommend in the face of so many better options.

Stepping back, Nokia's situation is very similar to what's happening over at Microsoft. Windows Mobile 6. That last iteration of Windows Mobile was so bad, so frustrating, so wrong in the most obvious of ways that Microsoft finally broke, and trashed the whole thing. That gave them the freedom to create Windows Phone 7, an exciting and innovative replacement that has absolutely nothing in common with its predecessor.

The N8 proves that Nokia can still make a hell of a piece of hardware, and with a new OS on the horizon, the Finnish giant might just be able to turn the disaster that is the N8 into something great. Microsoft did it, and there's every reason to believe Nokia can too. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Skip to main content. Premium Profile. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss. Nokia N8. Nokia N8: Side View. Hardware camera button nice! What's New The N8 is new, or at least new-ish, both inside and out.

What's Good The hardware is pretty great, for the most part. Autofocus is quick and accurate, shutter speed is as good as I've ever seen in a smartphone, it's got tons of options, and, most importantly, the thing takes really good pictures:

we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8
we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8
we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8
we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8
we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8
we heart it para nokia n8 We heart it para nokia n8

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