Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs

And when there's a new firmware update for iOS, there's always a new I hope you haven't updated past here if you want to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking gives you access to many open ended applications and games.

This is In this video from sjsharksiPodtouch we learn how to jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs with firmware 3. With your iPhone plugged it, download the PurpleRa1n file and click make it rain. Then your iPhone will enter into recovery mode. You'll see the PurpleRa1n A step by step demonstration of jail breaking and unlocking both your iPhone and iPhone 3G. To do this you'll need redsn0w version 0. Oppen redsn0w and find the firmware for Want to get more information about the battery status of your iPhone and iPod Touch? Ever wanted a nifty little percentage display to show you exactly how much battery juice you have left?

In this video from faintstarlite we learn how to jailbreak an iPhone 3GS step by step for beginners! Your iTunes needs to be running 3. Plug in your iPhone to your computer. Go to purplera1n. Your iPhone will n Unlock a jailbroken iPhone 3GS to use it with T-mobile. This only works with an iPhone 3GS, not any other iPhone, and only on firmware 3.

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Turn off 3G under "settings" and then "general". Go to Cydia.

iOS 7 on Iphone 3GS (Themes)

This instructional video takes you step by step on how to easily jailbreak the phone with a couple of simple of steps that will allow you to use your phone in a matter of min In this tutorial, we learn how to tether an iPhone 3G or 3GS. First, go to Cydia, then manage, then sources, and add "sinful iphone repo" to your phone. Now, click into the source and find the text that says "enable tethering" and choose which phone you have.

After this, you w To do this you need a jailbroken device.

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So go to Cydia sources and add the SinfuliPhonerepo. Now go to it and find the "Enable Tethering for 3G or 3Gs" and install it. Now go to the settings, General, Network and Now Open your Cydia in your iPhone and add a new source to your Cydia. To add the new source click manage option in Cydia and then click sources, edit and then add.

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A box In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to change the flashing white screen-shot on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Users will need to have their iPod device jail-broken and have the Winter board application. Begin by opening the application and install SB-Flasher. Now go to the li Users will need to have their device jailbroken. Begin by opening Cydia. Search for "SBFlasher" and install it. Then download the file from the video George will show you how to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod touch firmware 3.

This will work on the iPod touch first and second generation, the iPhone original and 3GS.

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Download Red snow software from the link provided. Click on browse download firmware and put it on your de During the video the unknown narrator vividly describes how to do this, with the aide of software, providing additional options for viewe In this how to video, you will learn how to jail break your iPhone or iPod Touch to 3. First, you will need to download the firmware and Redsn0w. Install and open Redsn0w. From here, click browse and open your firmware. Next, click unlock and press next. Next, fin Unlock and jailbreak your iPhone! You can either reinstall the entire operating system, wiping all the data from your phone, or you can wait for Black Snow to come out.

In the method shown in the video, you can unlock right away. To restore, hold option on a Mac or shift on Did you know you can use your iPhone as a portable modem for your other devices? The first thing you need to do is set up Internet tethering on your phone. It fully supports the following iOS devices: Panoramic Wallpaper Jailbreak tweaks like LiveWallpaper allows you to set panoramic images as your wallpaper, which are scrollable when you flip through home screen pages.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

How to Make Your iPhone Look Like iOS 7 Right Now

Download links will work only on jailbroken iOS devices: Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. If you have Color Keyboard, you can grab a black or white version of the iOS 7 keyboard. Plus there are a ton of other super cool keyboards, as well. Now, there are some issues that you may run into after the installation of these iOS 7 theme tweaks. If you selected the iOS 7 Lockscreen, you may notice that the battery is no longer visible when charging.

You can simply uncheck the Lockscreen theme option in WinterBoard if you wish to see your battery info. While the need to see your battery is somewhat necessary, you can enter in your passcode and slide to unlock the screen without the graphics. All you need to do is slide where it says slide and type in your passcode as usual.

How to Mimic the New iOS 7 Look in iOS 6 on Your Jailbroken iPhone « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Remember, these tweaks are purely visual. The apps will look like iOS 7, but they will still run as they normally would on your current iOS. What do you think of the new iOS 7 look? Is it an upgrade or a downgrade? Let us know in the comments section. Or you could simply just install the beta on your phone and have the real thing Takes 15 minutes of your time.

Still better to wait for jailbreak and have cydia and free apps ; This mod can take u up 20min. For now, you just have reverting your app icons back to the old designs, though it's a bit of work. When a iOS 7 jailbreak happens, I'm sure there will be more options. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Are you running iOS 6?

ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs
ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs Ios 7 winterboard theme iphone 3gs

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